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VINU connects the online and offline world by allowing
its users to own and operate businesses on the metaverse
AND in the real world!

Vinuverse Vinuverse

VINU Network welcomes anyone to come and explore its metaverse,
and allows its users to own NFTs corresponding to physical stores,
breaking the boundary between reality and virtuality.
It's a space created for our users, and ultimately owned by them.


Owners will be able to rewards as they hold a portion of a
real-life store. They will have exclusive benefits in the metaverse,
as well as access to decision-making in the business and real-life events.
It's not just ours, it's yours too.


Own stores and property on the VINU metaverse AND in the real world simultaneously.


Collect NFTs and put them to use within the VINU SPACE.


Swap tokens with existing and emerging crypto projects to $VNN tokens.


Become a member through contributing to the ecosystem and gain access to exclusive on-offline benefits.


VINU Network’s DAO is owned and governed by the $VNN holders, who have the right to vote on DAO decision making.


Stores can also be jointly owned, making ownership easily accessible for all our users.

Our Native Token Our Native Token

$VNN is the native token of VINU Network's metaverse, VINU SPACE,
and it will be needed to purchase all NFTs from the marketplace.

NFT Marketplace NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
Secure Ownership
Secure Ownership

Secure your ownership through NFTs i.e unique items tokenized to protect its value and ownership rights.

Constant Updates
Constant Updates

Shop on VINU Network’s NFT marketplace and browse through constant additions of new stores.

Valuable Rewards
Valuable Rewards

Collect NFTs and earn rewards through owning, trading, and selling them in the marketplace.


VINU Network utilizes Polygon, which provides scalable, secure,
and instant transactions with Ethereum currencies. Switching
between the Ethereum network and the Polygon network can be
easily done through a Bridge (PoS).


A list of partners and backers that work hand in hand with VINU Network
to provide our community with the best possible metaverse experience.



VINU Network's strategic vision for the upcoming exciting future,
leading you through its stages from Launch,
through Growth and Maturity, and finally, its Evolution!

Launch Growth Maturity Evolutiion


  • What is VINU SPACE?
    The VINU SPACE is a decentralized Metaverse that utilizes the blockchain to combine real and virtual space onto one platform. It provides a whole NFT Marketplace, Property ownership system, and various utilities. Find out more HERE
  • What is $VNN?
    $VNN is the native token used for all transactions within the VINU SPACE ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The supply of $VNN is limited, with a total of 2,000M $VNN available ever.

    Holders of the $VNN token will be able to benefit from various utilities including:
    • Exclusive access to our NFT presale
    • Purchasing VINU NFTs from the marketplace
    • Governance rights and voting power in the protocol
    • More to come..
  • How is blockchain technology integrated with VINU SPACE?
    Blockchain technology enables franchisers to easily and transparently write contracts with franchisees through utilizing smart contracts, and allows anyone to own and operate stores through NFTs where true ownership is proven on the blockchain. In addition, joint-ownership of various stores on the Metaverse is made possible through a fractionated NFTs system. Find out more HERE
  • Will there be a presale?
    Yes. Follow our socials where we will be announcing the presale schedule soon! Follow the steps required to acquire a spot on our whitelist!
  • Where can I learn more about VINU Network?
    Make sure to read our VINU Network documentation to get an overview of our project and future plans. For further information, follow our posts on Medium, Twitter and stay connected in our telegram group chat.



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